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Hey, my name is AJ. I have been coding since 2012. I first started in Java, where I learned the basics in creating GUI's and Command Line Interface. After acquiring knowledge of Java, I became proficient in creating advanced Minecraft plugins for the community for free, that anyone could download and for commission for large Minecraft networks.

However, in 2016 I moved into the web development industry, where I would work using the Laravel PHP Framework. I also possess a strong database knowledge, due to my long experience in making Minecraft plugins. This allowed me to build websites. In addition, I also take into account each millisecond as I believe efficiency is essential.





Lemon Witch Kitchen

Lemon Witch Kitchen, is a local business in Southend-On-Sea. It is a simple, one page website paired with a Content Management System. Allowing the adding and editing of new food and beverages.

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A public Freeze plugin for Minecraft. Highly efficient and customizable. It contains four freeze types; Glass, No glass, Hacker and all players on the server.

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Polly's Pantry

An online shop selling Gluten Free, Nut Free and Wheat and dairy free baked goods.

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Death Room

A remake of the Hydra Pvp’s Death Banning system. This allows you to keep players online even after they have died. Instead of players being kicked off, the players get teleported to a PvP arena.

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